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Signature Best Body Cardio & Strength

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beBold! is our signature full body workout that uses time-efficient, compound exercises to stimulate all the major muscle groups - creating the greatest change in body composition in the shortest amount of time. Every workout will engage your core to keep your body balanced, build lean muscle, and decrease body fat. By focusing on functional movement, you will challenge multiple muscle groups at once, and carry your improvements into the sport you train for and your everyday life.

Class structure is purposefully varied to keep your mind focused, your spirit energized, and keep the fun going! I believe in the power of heavy load training, short rest periods, and high-heart-rate/high-intensity work. You will utilize a variety of tools in the class, including: dumbbells, resistance bands, gliders, medicine balls, Step360s, TRX Suspension Training and foam rollers. Throughout the class we will use your body’s own resistance as an essential tool in and of itself. I have experienced first hand how fitness can transform a life. It is a dream come true for me to be able to share this with other women through a Signature Class that brings together all that I have learned and seen work! Wake Up, Be Awesome, BEGIN!