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"Wow. It’s been a year since I started with Julia at the old studio. I joined Julia’s class on my birthday having just turned 50 with depression, grief and just lacking self confidence after a brutal divorce and being in the storm of my custody and financial dispute as well as dealing with child alienation. I was determined to make an internal change of loving myself again in order to get stronger mentally and emotionally. What appealed to me most, at the beginning, was the daily morning regimen since I am an early-bird by habit. What has occurred over time was the addiction to exercise I never thought I would ever have! I have also learned to appreciate and understand my body and its limits. I am now hooked beyond belief! Julia has made the difference between then and now. My confidence is back, I feel good, I look good and most importantly, I’ve developed friendships and a sense of camaraderie with the rest of the ladies in class (group therapy at its best!). I give Begin Fitness Studio and Julia a 10+!"
-Milena Aguirre

“The BEST sweat I’ve EVER gotten is taking Begin Fit classes. I love the energy in class – motivating but not intimidating! Julia is an excellent instructor – she tailors the class to YOUR needs.
When I walk from my car into class I hear the happy sounds of women chatting, laughing and getting ready to start the day with an awesome exercise class."
-Suzanne Phillips

"Thank you! You have no idea how much I LOVE your classes. I have dropped 6 lbs in the 3 months that I have been in your class. I have always had pretty healthy eating habits but my metabolism changed dramatically after my hysterectomy. You have completey kick started my metabolism again (where running and biking failed to do so) and I am starting to see & feel the old me coming back. It's feels so amazing. THANK YOU!"
-Laura Murphy

"Like many adults, I know I need to exercise, but have had difficulty in finding something I could stick with. Everything was too boring, too hard, too time consuming, etc. Begin Fit classes are amazing. The classes challenge you every single time, no matter your fitness level. Julia is constantly changing the classes around and introducing new things to keep them fun and different. Equally important, she has created an incredibly supportive atmosphere, where everyone feels a strong sense of camaraderie and community, and new members are warmly welcomed and encouraged. Every time I walk out of Julia's class, I feel like I've gotten an amazing workout, and I have a smile on my face. What more could you ask for? In addition to being fit, Julia is one of the most caring and generous people I have met. We are incredibly lucky to have her in our community."
-Virginia Dutkin

I was reluctant to try a barre class because I was never in ballet as a child and I’m not terribly graceful now. After one class I was hooked. I love the mix of strengthening and stretching. The moves are easy to follow and well explained. Amy and Julia are excellent teachers, offering individualized advice to get the most out of each exercise. It’s not uncommon to feel an inch taller. I literally have to adjust my rearview mirror in the car after class. It’s a fantastic workout and I’ve never felt stronger.”
-Emily Limbach

"You are a talented inspiration to all of us looking to improve. I am grateful for the network of women who have become my friends. You and so many others are the "doers"--the ones that change people's lives and make a difference. You inspire women who may not feel their best into becoming better versions of themselves! Each time someone takes the time to go to your class, they defy inertia and reclaim more of who they feel they should be. Our community, not to mention each of us individually benefit! I feel truly blessed to be part of this amazing community!"
-Leah Hanley

"Thanks for teaching us. I feel so much better, confident, and fit than I felt P2J. (prior to Julia). And I know that I must have changed because I took my workout clothes with me to my conference on Saturday and had a workout. Never in a million years would that have happen P2J!! Thanks again!
-Jennifer Everett

"I have never regretted going to Julia's class, ever. It is always fun and different and lively and it makes me feel young again! I feel like I have gotten stronger overall. Living in Old Town Longmont, I am about 12 minutes away from class--it is so worth it!!!!"
-Marianne Martinez

"Thank you for another great class! Your energy, enthusiasm and happy spirit make it all worthwhile…even at 5:45 a.m.! I love the way you continue to challenge us with different movements, types of exercises, and varying routines – we certainly are not bored! You have helped me maintain a regular fitness program and I so appreciate you! Keep up the great work!!"
-Lora Noesen

"I have been teaching fitness classes for more than 15 years, and I have had the benefit of meeting many talented professionals. Julia is one of the most dedicated, energetic, and tenacious people I know in the fitness business. She is committed to her client's success, and continuously encourages, and motivates participants to challenge themselves. In addition to teaching vigorous classes, she allocates time researching, and experimenting cutting-edge fitness activities. Julia is well-educated in fitness and nutrition. She will provide you with the most advantageous training. I can guarantee you will feel exhilarated after you attend one of Julia's morning workouts. You will appreciate the early morning wake-up call, and look forward to your next session with Begin Fitness."
-Amy Nolledo, Triple Threat Training

"Thanks so much for the tabata class this week! I would have never worked that hard on my own. I'm so glad I found your class....an energetic, creative instructor and a great group of women."
-Julie Taylor

"I was dreading coming to a 5:45am class, but now I love it!"
-Terri VonLoh

"I think Begin Fit classes are so inspiring! I love the variety and the way you show modifications for all the exercises! You are so personable and make each of us feel important."
- Ashley Bounds